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Our multilingual technology solutions enable you to power your business with impactful data and insights to make better decisions. From onboarding and analytics reporting to ID verification and a useful mobile app, we offer flexibility and customization to give you valuable business intelligence. Our tools are easy to use — for candidates, too — so you have more time to focus on optimizing your business. But when you do have questions, we’re here to help.

Cisive Platform


Cisive Global’s onboarding solution offers a flexible, configurable, comprehensive approach to ensure a great candidate experience and help you manage every step of the process.


Mobile Document App

A fast and easy way for candidates and HR professionals to securely send virtually any supporting documentation required during the background screening process.


Analytics Reporting

Cisive Global’s analytics reporting tool delivers self-service business intelligence and customizable real-time HR analytics to help power your organization.



Our technology integrates offers seamless API integrations, enabling aturnkey solution.



Your program is global; your platform should be too. Our platform allows candidates to interact with it in more than a dozen different languages.


Configurable & Compatible

Our employment screening technology is 100 percent configurable and compatible with any ATS — every client can build a process that works seamlessly within their current processes.


Identify Verification

Cisive Global’s IDVerity solution  is real-time and  uses state-of-the-art forensic document authentication and facial recognition technology.


Constant Innovation

Cisive Global constantly updates our platform without disrupting your HR processes. Our internal team of screening and IT professionals innovates incrementally so your onboarding processes are constantly becoming more efficient and less administrative


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